Welcome to our very special Cafe

The radical new initiative of the “Brexit Café” is a regular drop-in event in the town of Stratford on Avon which aims to help build bridges between those on either side of the highly charged and emotive Brexit debate. Everyone will be welcome to drop in for a free tea or coffee and a chat.

The initiative has been devised as an experiment on restoring social cohesion & reconciliation in British society. You can read more about how the Cafe came about here.

There will be the possibility to discuss things in a calm and friendly environment. Come and share a ‘cuppa’ with us and exchange opinions with those from both sides of the Brexit debate.

At a time when society has never been more divided, the aim of the initiative is to bring those from both sides of the debate together over a cup of tea or coffee in order to encourage them to engage in a constructive dialogue by listening to and reaching an understanding of each other’s point of view.


The Café is intended to bring remainers and leavers together, to talk together and find common ground. Hopefully, in this way a better understanding will be achieved and, even if any disagreement continues, it will be a more constructive one with mutual respect shown on either side.

The organisers, Sophie & Manuela,  say “We would like the Brexit Café to contribute to healing the wounds which have been inflicted to the social cohesion of our beautiful town and surroundings villages, during and after the EU Referendum. The Café aims to provide a calm and friendly environment in which this can be achieved. So, do pop in for a friendly chat over a  cup of tea or coffee!”